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Healing Prayers for the Nation

At my house, for half a year we’ve been watching the evening news daily.  We’ve discovered that doing so fosters an underlying sense of agitation, which makes it harder to retain a calm, clear connection to God’s love and guiding … Continue reading

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Becoming Whole-Hearted in the Midst of Division

Through study of the charismatic beginnings of Quakerism, I have received a key to the Quaker spiritual journey that can help us  respond to the extraordinary demands of our time and truly become the needed agents of God’s healing we are now called … Continue reading

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Electing the One Who Heals

When my sister was finally able to email again, after four days without electricity, she said everyone south of 40th street in Manhattan lost power.  Without refrigeration, food in the grocery stores spoiled.  Cold drove her and her husband to move in with some … Continue reading

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