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Appreciating Inner Images

One of the most powerful ways to help people open up to divine guidance is to assist them in exploring key images that they receive inwardly. These images might come during a dream, but also while engaging in activity, or … Continue reading

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Stay With Me

On the night of this year’s Presidential election, I joined three different online vigils with Friends. Four years ago, I had spent many difficult hours alone on election night before the results were clear. This time around, there were again … Continue reading

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An Ancient Forest and the Ground of Being

We had waited a long time to walk among those ancient trees. Finally we rented a cabin in Cook Forest State Park, and there we were, walking between towering pines and hemlocks. Some are as old as Quakerism, having gotten … Continue reading

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Vistas From Inner Stillness

When is it fruitful to share our deepest spiritual experiences, and when is it better to keep them close, to ponder them only in our hearts? Vistas From Inner Stillness raises the question. In it, author Richard L. Walker describes encountering God in some awesome natural settings, when his mind was in deep stillness. These experiences transformed his faith in the presence of God to an experience of that divine reality. Continue reading

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Shifting to the Heart

“Meeting for worship is a Quaker technology for shifting levels of consciousness,” Bill Taber sometimes explained. Descriptions of gathered worship reveal that the divine Presence is revealed when the mind is still, and this opens the heart.
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Streams of Living Water

In April 2015, Pendle Hill conference center offered an extraordinary opportunity for a merging of  the Christian contemplative tradition and the faith and practice of Quakers. Fifty people desiring to immerse themselves more fully into the waters of the Spirit … Continue reading

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Now Abiding in Divine Love and Power

As we grow in faith, we learn to look for God and rely on God in every circumstance; we learn to abide in divine love and power. Continue reading

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Prepare ye the Way

I planned to introduce here what I’ve been learning from early Friends about the Quaker spiritual journey.  In the meantime, a local train accident has reminded me of a series of dreams about trains. I’ll share them with you, both to introduce something key about the … Continue reading

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