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One Second of Silence

We, the people of the USA, are in a state of grief and confusion — even those of us who are not gay, transgender, Latina, or Muslim, even those who don’t live in Florida and haven’t lost a family member to gun violence. The tragedy in Orlando affects us all. The news reports and social media are full of opinions about what happened and why. I hesitate to enter the conversation, but a phrase has repeated itself in my mind: “One second of silence.” I feel drawn to look more deeply, and to reflect on causes. And I feel called to enter into the vulnerable openness to God which is ultimately the only place of safety. Continue reading

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Shifting to the Heart

“Meeting for worship is a Quaker technology for shifting levels of consciousness,” Bill Taber sometimes explained. Descriptions of gathered worship reveal that the divine Presence is revealed when the mind is still, and this opens the heart.
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