Introduction to Faithfulness Groups.  This video explains the practice of faithfulness groups and how to form them. Participants in such groups testify to the spiritual gifts they have received, including greater awareness of the movement of the Spirit, deeper spiritual intimacy with other members of the group, and renewed vitality in their spiritual communities.


A videorecording of a lecture given at Pendle Hill Retreat Center on “Creating Beloved Community Through Supporting Faithfulness.”  (Feb 3, 2020)  The talk is about an hour long, followed by responses.  Click here, or on the image below:

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From My Heart to Yours: Sharing a Faith That Heals, an online plenary talk by Marcelle Martin, May 9, 2020    Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP)  In this online talk, Marcelle Martin speaks about the call to write about faith in a way that reaches to the hearts of others. In her twenties, while in an M.F.A. program in Creative Writing, she learned to guard her heart from criticism. But her constricted inner life called out for healing and led her on a search for deeper truth. With the help of writing practices, she woke up to spiritual dimensions previously unsuspected, and discovered the path toward wholeness and healing. In this talk she describes the call to help evoke a healing faith in others, through the stories of early Friends and other faithful people as well as by offering accounts of her own explorations and spiritual journey. Click here for the recorded video from Marcelle’s talk.

Friends Reflect on Meeting for Worship, a video by Jean Warrington and Marcelle Martin, featuring Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting, Evergreen Worship Group, Friends Center, Marcelle Martin, Jon Watts, Hannah Mayer, and Stephen Dotson.


In the video below, participants of the 2017-2018 Nurturing Worship, Faith & Faithfulness program speak of their experience:  


***Click on links below for Quaker Speak videos featuring Marcelle Martin:

The Quaker Practice of Surrendering Self-Will

Quakers and the Light

Quakers and Women in Ministry

How to Listen for a Leading

With One Voice   ***Trailer for a documentary on the unity experienced by mystics in all traditions.  Marcelle is featured in the documentary, With One Voice, in which mystics from fourteen different spiritual traditions share their perspectives on the unifying truth that transcends all religions.

***Follow this link to see a short video made at South Starksboro Meeting House, where Quakers have worshipped each Sunday for 186 years, mostly in silence except for the cracking of the fire in the stove.  A beautiful video.   The Ministry of the Stove


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  1. This video is such an excellent resource for helping others, Quaker and non-Quaker alike, understand meeting for worship as the central spiritual practice of Friends. Thanks to Jean and Marcelle for producing it, and to all who helped out! — Paulette Meier

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