One Nation Under Love

A poem by Ken Jacobsen, a Quaker who lives in Wisconsin:

One Nation Under Love

   it is good to remember

   in this time of political stress,

   we are all already citizens

   of the country of Love,

   in the democracy of Love,

   one nation under Love,

   the Love that was from the beginning;

   and whoever we may choose in our elections,

   Love has already chosen us,

   to heal us, to make us a more perfect union,

   to make us whole in our hearts,

   and in our land.

                    kpj 10/29/20

Today, along with my fellow citizens of the country of Love–people all over the world—I am praying for a peaceful, fair, truthful outcome to yesterday’s election in the USA.  Even more, I am praying that as a nation and as part of the planetary community of Love, we may honestly address the enormous challenges that face us all.

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A Quaker writer, teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual director, I've traveled widely to facilitate workshops and retreats about the spiritual journey. I'm the author of Our Life is Love: The Quaker Spiritual Journey, and A Guide to Faithfulness Groups.
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3 Responses to One Nation Under Love

  1. treegestalt says:

    God embodies God’s creative powers in us, much as God embodies mind and feeling and understanding in us. But so far as people use those powers unconsciously and heedlessly, we dream up monsters like the USA and other nations.

    Like the hero of Ursula LeGuin’s _The Lathe of Heaven_, we have power but not control of it. Like him, we live in collective nightmares that just might not be what Love would have recommended.

    It is Love that governs the ultimate working out of our follies; but it’s a mistake to attribute those follies to anything higher than “Another Fnurgled Learning Experience.”

  2. Thank you for sharing Ken Jacobsen’s poem, and for your blog. Is this poem published elsewhere also?

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