A Healing Meditation

I wondered what would be best to share with you as this year draws to a close and we move into a new year. During my morning time of prayer and meditation, while listening for guidance, it came to me to make a recording of the guided meditation/prayer that I offered this Christmas Eve, a short version of the Healing Prayer workshop I first offered on Easter Sunday, in this year when it’s been so evident we need all kinds of healing.

I practiced this meditation several times and then recorded it more than once.  However, it’s still not visually or verbally perfect. Nonetheless, I believe it in some measure conveys the divine love and healing power that wants to reach through me to you and to the world. I offer it as a gift for the new year.

I pray that it may it be a blessing to you, and that it may help you be a blessing to others.  With love and gratitude for you,


© 2020 Marcelle Martin

I took the photo of trees, ground, and sky at Woolman Hill Quaker retreat center in Deerfield, MA. Other photos used in the video were uploaded from Unsplash.com, and feature the work of Simon Rae, Denny Muller, Jon Tyson, and Rosie Fraser. The image of Jesus is a detail from the painting “Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler” by Carl Heinrich Bloch (19th century). I made the quilted wall hanging which hangs on the wall, the image of which is at the end of the video and on the About page of this blog.

Below is information about two books I’ve written about the spiritual life.

A Guide to Faithfulness Groups explains what faithfulness is and how it can be cultivated by small groups that practice ways to listen inwardly together for divine guidance, a practice that holds great potential for supporting individuals of any faith in allowing the work of the Spirit to become manifest through them and their communities.

Our Life is Love: The Quaker Spiritual Journey describes the transformational spiritual journey of the first Quakers, who were inwardly guided by God to work and witness for radical changes in their society. Focusing on ten elements of the spiritual journey, this book is a guide to a Spirit-filled life, designed to be a resource for both individuals and groups to explore their spiritual experiences. It describes the journey of faithfulness that leads people to actively engage in God’s work of making this world a better place for all. Our Life is Love has been reviewed by Marty Grundy in Friends Journal, by Carole Spencer in Quaker Religious Thought, and by Stuart Masters on A Quaker Stew.

Both books are available from Inner Light Books in hardback, paperback, and ebook. (An excerpt and a study guide are also available on that website for Our Life is Love: the Quaker Spiritual Journey.)

Find a Quaker Meeting near you: Quaker Finder

About friendmarcelle

A Quaker writer, teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual director, I've traveled widely to facilitate workshops and retreats about the spiritual journey. I'm the author of Our Life is Love: The Quaker Spiritual Journey, and A Guide to Faithfulness Groups.
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6 Responses to A Healing Meditation

  1. Paul Mays says:

    Thanks Marcelle! Happy New Year! 

  2. Judy Lumb says:

    Thanks, Marcelle, that was lovely hearing your voice leading me!

    Judy Lumb Editor, Producciones de la Hamaca producciones-hamaca.com US: Apt 701, 218 E Trinity Place, Decatur GA USA 612-323-2635 Belize: Barranco Village, Toledo District, Belize, 600-4710

  3. A beautiful and inspiring sharing, Marcelle. Many thanks! And much love and good wishes to you and Terry!
    In the Light,
    Jane Cadwallader

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